So how's lockdown going for you?

I hope my post finds you all safe and well (only going out when you absolutely have to!) and coping with this new way of life that's been thrust upon us. Anyone feel like they're going crazy yet, or are you finding things to do and occupy your time with?

I've been busying myself with my family at home, catching up on chores and so on and we are also doing lots of catching up with our dear friends and family via video calls, we even meet our fabulous friends from our local in our twice weekly "Virtual Pub" video chat which my dear friend Chris set up for us all. We're taking turns to host quizzes through that which have proved to be great fun and we've even made new friends through it, so pretty good all round!

It seems the desire to learn has still driven people towards The Witches Hideaway and I had so many enquiries about online learning that in the end I purchased myself a Zoom account so I could teach development properly. I'm still doing lots of readings online too and I'm very grateful for the wonderful recommendations I've had which then led to even more readings plus more development work, and of course my eternal gratitude is with my dear ancestors, spirit guides and friends in the spirit world without whose love, support and humour, none of this would be possible.

I must take a moment to thank all of our wonderful frontline workers who are keeping our country going during this terrible time of sadness and fear. You are all incredibly brave souls and our country would grind to a halt without you all. For those who have lost loved ones during this time, my heart grieves for you and I can only hope time brings you some peace and an ease to your grief. I urge you all to abide by the government guidelines and do the right thing, don't take chances!

Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.

Until next time, stay safe and use this time we've been given to look after yourself, to learn, to focus on your journey ahead and how you will achieve what you want from life going forward.

My love to you all x

Hi everyone,

Well, what a predicament we are in right now, tragic and worrying times across the world. Firstly, I hope you are abiding by the guidelines given and staying home (where you can) to save lives (apart from necessary trips for supplies).

So what am I up to? Well, my work in The Witches Hideaway has obviously had to stop for the time being, but myself and the members of my Facebook group "The Witches Hideaway" are finding comfort in the isolation by having lots of catch up time in video calls, sharing inspirational posts and generally looking out for one another. It was my 51st Birthday on Sunday, so I had an online party on the Saturday night. Great fun had by all lol. Loads of 80's tunes, all raising a glass and sharing pictures of us with our families. It was such a success they all want another party now lol.

Meet my newest Pendle Witch, Elizabeth. She's one of the bigger ones and so beautiful! She was a Christmas gift from a group of my dear ladies from The Witches Hideaway. I'd spotted her last summer in The Wonky Broomstick, an amazing shop in Glastonbury. I fell in love with her instantly, and my dear Witchy twinny Becca who was with me obviously noticed and so decided to make sure she came home to live in The Witches Hideaway lol.

So, whatever you are doing at the moment, make sure you are looking after yourself! Use the time you find yourselves with to make plans for your future, to read, to look within and go on a journey of self-discovery. Embrace your magick in whatever form it takes. Step in to your power to help yourselves and the world too. Our beloved Mother Earth is having a well earned rest right now and doing her own healing, and I hope we as a nation learn from that.

Much love to you all x

I've been so busy I forgot about my blog posts lol. It's been a time of learning for lots of us in The Witches Hideaway as we've been working with a very old friend of mine, Dave from and we've done our Reiki 1 and 2 as well as our Tarot Diploma. Just our Masters to go! I'm so proud of all the ladies who have undertaken these courses and I wish them every success as they embrace their new gifts to help themselves and others.

I've opened a new development centre for Maidstone with my dear friend Kirstie (I literally rang her up and said shall we, and she said yes lol) so there's been tons of planning needed for that. Look up Maidstone Spiritual & Psychic Pathways on Facebook, that's us! We're having monthly platform medium nights and running development groups every other week. We have our first Psychic Fair booked too and it's literally all go. So exciting!

I've been changing bits and pieces around in The Witches Hideaway and making improvements here and there and as always, the beauty and serenity in there just takes mine and others breath away!

A few of us got together and went off for the day to The Enchanted Market run by the amazing band Spriggan Mist. It was the best time ever catching up with so many amazing people and we didn't want to go home lol. I met up with one of my favourite people, Damh the Bard (you have to listen to his music!) and managed to grab another picture with him (those who know me will giggle as this never happens under normal circumstances lol), but gosh he's lovely!

As always I continue to be blessed beyond measure with the wonderful souls I am surrounded with inside and outside of The Witches Hideaway and I know this year has many exciting adventures in store for us all. The love and friendship we share gets us through anything life throws our way. It's just unconditional love and a whole heap of laughter and shenanigans, the only way to be!

Until next time,

Witchy wishes to you all x


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