I hope you enjoy looking at the images taken in The Witches Hideaway.

It is my very own wonderful, magical and cosy place where I work with my dear Ancestors who bless me with their love and strength daily, assisting me in my magical work.

As you scroll through the pictures you will notice how much The Witches Hideaway has grown!

If you would like to pop in for a visit and have a look for yourself just let me know via the contact form.

Refreshments are provided.

The Witches Hideaway.

Jars of magic.

Reading tea leaves.

Gorgeous bags for spells.

Homegrown Lavender.

Bags made by a dear friend.

Amour Dust.

Prosperity salt.

I can't have too many bags!.

What do you see?

Sycamore seeds.

A dear friend made this for me!

Stained glass witch!

My beautiful cards.

I love the peaceful feeling that glowing candles give. This one has a soft vanilla scent, so lovely.

My lovely old Wizard, a gift from a dear friend.

I turn my back for five minutes lol.

Part of a little spell.

Dried Stocks, what a glorious smell!

My dear friend found this tiny cauldron buried in her garden! Despite it's size it's quite heavy and very ornate.

Beautiful angel gift from one of my lovely ladies.

Leaf decorations. I adore the Autumn!

A beautiful bargain to create magical oils in.

My wonderful and talented friend Kevin carved these for outside The Witches Hideaway on Samhain.

A beautiful soy candle handmade by a local business.

My beautiful old crystal ball.

Psychic Development Course Part 4!

Beautiful Peacock feathers, said to ward off the "Evil Eye".

Hotfoot Powder.

Such a lovely time creating this Witch ball for Love.

Another Witch Ball for Love.

Witch Ball for Love.

Witch Ball for Love.

Witch Ball for Love.

Protection Witch Ball.

Protection Witch Ball.

Protection Witch Ball.

Protection Witch Ball.

Protection Witch Ball.

Protection Witch Ball.

Healing Witch Ball.

Healing Witch Ball.

Healing Witch Ball.

Healing Witch Ball.

Ritual salt, totally inspired to create this.

Gorgeous red glass cauldron.

Beautiful Dragons Blood resin burning away.

A beautiful Yule gift from one of my lovely ladies.

Gorgeous Yule gift from one of my lovely ladies.

My beautiful Yule altar.

A wonderful gift from one of my dear ladies. This will always remind me of her natural and amazing gift with Psychometry and the laughter and magic we shared on one of our mornings together. The words also have meaning to me, such a blessing.

Three beautiful little Witches Bottles sealed with scented wax.

A gorgeous little Witchy gift from one of my lovely ladies.

Spell candle at work for a special lady.

I'm getting quite a collection of Witch Orbs now!

Beautiful spell incense burning away for a dear friend.

More beautiful spell bags made by my lovely friend for The Witches Hideaway.

Cornucopia Goddess Doll.

A beautiful candle from part of a spell for a lovely lady.

A beautiful gift from a dear friend.

Prosperity oil.

Love oil.

A beautiful handmade gift from a dear friend.

Imbolc altar candle.

Bits and pieces on my altar.

Magical oils.

Cakes are a must when working with younger Witches (and older ones too!).

One of my wonderful ladies trying her hand at Ceromancy.

Ready for one of my lovely ladies to learn all about Oracle card readings.

A beautiful Amulet one of my lovely ladies found for me.

A beautiful gift from a dear friend.

Preparations for a reading and spell work for a lovely lady.

Cake and gift bags awaiting two winners of my giveaway!

Such a beautiful gift from one of my lovely ladies.

Burning some beautiful Thyme.

Tea and cakes waiting for lovely visitors.

I love this little plaque which was a gift from two of my lovely ladies.

Blessing Oil made in The Witches Hideaway.

Balance Oil made in The Witches Hideaway.

Love Oil made in The Witches Hideaway.

I have a huge crop of Valerian in my garden so decided to have a snip of it in The Witches Hideaway.

A beautiful rose from my Witches garden.

Ready to make poppets with one of my lovely ladies.

Peace in The Witches Hideaway.

Beautiful Lavender straight from my Witches Garden.

Using some Birch twigs on my altar with a red ribbon to ward off the evil eye.

A selection of beautifully crafted magical oils.

Part of a spell jar using Alum from my Witches garden.

A busy day at a Psychic Fair!

Drying out some wonderful flowers which were a gift from one of my dear ladies.

My dear friend made this for on top of The Witches Hideaway. Isn't she splendid!

A peaceful morning.

A cosy day.

Burning some lovely incense while waiting for my next client.

Magical oils and herbs.

A busy day popping dried herbs in to jars.

Magical Rowan berries.

Fruit candles!

A spot of spell work with Apples.

Fresh dried Hops gift from a dear friend who grows his own!

This smelled divine!

Something brewing!

Gratitude bottles.

I love this little shelf. Another bargain for The Witches Hideaway!

Beautiful candle holder gift from one of my lovely ladies.

Lovely Rowan Berries.

Loving my Skull candle!

A wonderful gift from a magical friend who makes all sorts of amazing wooden crafts with her dear husband.

Twin flame that appeared in some spell work.

The Witches Hideaway looking very cosy.

Another batch of Love Dust.

Looking a little festive!

One of several beautiful gifts I've received from my lovely ladies.

Beautiful Altar space.

A precious gift from a lovely visitor to The Witches Hideaway.

Beautiful Imbolc altar.

A beautiful gift from one of my dear, beautiful and incredibly talented ladies.

Sending out love and healing.

All ready for my day of readings.

I was very fortunate to be featured in the May edition of the Spirit & Destiny magazine. This is part 1 of a 4 page spread.

Part 2 of my 4 page spread in Spirit & Destiny.

I recently turned 50 and this was the awesome cake my dear friend made for me!

Making Divination incense which smelled out of this world!

A gorgeous backflow incense burner gift from a dear friend.

I love these hands, perfect for holding special crystals on my altar.

An incredible Birthday gift from a dear soul, made by The Witch & The Sage.

A beautiful gift from my husband and son.

I chose this for myself when spending some Birthday vouchers, isn't it beautiful!

This is Daniel, one of my wonderful Spirit Guides. Portrait by Emma L Mather. Breathtaking!

A beautiful little Birthstone gift from one of my lovely ladies.

Wearing my beautiful cloak which was a handmade 50th Birthday gift from a dear friend.

These were on top of my 50th Birthday cake so I put them out for a sugary treat for anything that needs it.

A gorgeous little Olive wood Pestle & Mortar gift from a dear friend.

Lungwort in my Witchy garden used in sympathetic magic to represent diseased lungs.

A stunning Witches Bottle made by a wonderful visitor to The Witches Hideaway.

Oak & Alder.

A little Litha garden altar.

My Litha candle.

A magickal gift from one of my lovely ladies. Snakeskin is used in protection, renewal, change and transformation spells.

My Lavender looks so vibrant this year!

Some of my stunning Roses. My Witchy garden is full of energy this year!

One of my lovely ladies made this wonderful Witches Ball, absolutely gorgeous!

One of my many candles in The Witches Hideaway.

Myself and my dear friend Becca were invited to hold a workshop for Maidstone Spiritual Development Centre recently, and we had an absolute blast and received wonderful feedback!

This stunning bottle was gifted to me by one of my dearest friends.

The Witches Hideaway has had a bit of a change round and thank you to my dear school friend and adopted sister Toni-Jane for the gorgeous hand crocheted blanket over the back of the chair.

Love my new Chakra candle arch!

A lovely little Mabon garden altar.

One of my dear ladies brought me this little pot of Autumn, just lovely.

My beautiful new Crystal Ball.

A wonderful few hours on BBC Radio Kent with some amazing people.

Cinnamon infused Altar Besom.

Such amazing smells!

Amazing Witches Runes created and gifted to me from a dear friend.

This gorgeous Pendle Witch was a gift from a group of ladies from The Witches Hideaway. I love her so much!

Beautiful Wheel of the Year flags from https://www.nomeart.com/

This is a gorgeous gift and a very clever cushion. In the back there's a pocket to pop a crystal in so you can heal while you relax! Look up Mystik Heart on Facebook to grab one for yourself.

A beautiful gift from a dear lady I met after my article in Spirit & Destiny.

Myself in Arnemtia's - The Purple Shop, with the wonderful Barbara Meiklejohn-Free and Flavia Kate Peters, the day they initiated me in to my 1st Degree of Witchcraft.

Pure joy.