Arnemetia's - The Purple Shop

I suddenly realised today with all the chaos in the world right now, that I hadn't done a blog post in months, so here goes!

Lockdown meant how I worked in The Witches Hideaway had to change, so I stepped in to teaching and reading online. I approached it with a degree of caution as I wasn't sure how it would go really, but it actually worked out brilliantly and as such I've been able to expand what I do to many other parts of the country, meaning I've been a very busy Witch.

While we were able to and in accordance with government guidelines, my Husband and I managed to squeeze a trip to Buxton in to visit my dear friends Flavia Kate Peters and Barbara Meiklejohn-Free in their incredible shop, Arnemtia's - The Purple Shop. Wow what a treat for us both. Such a magickal place full of the most magickal products. I had a blast buying LOTS of wonderful new things for The Witches Hideaway lol. It was also my Husband's Birthday so we had a wonderful time relaxing and sampling the culinary delights of Buxton (There was also Prosecco and craft ales, never a bad thing lol).

A few months prior to this trip, Barbara and Flavia had kindly offered to initiate me in to my first degree of Witchcraft. I was absolutely blown away by such a wonderful gesture, as these are both magickal wise women who I love, admire and respect hugely and have done for many years prior to even meeting them. Their work, who they are and what they stand for sings to my heart and soul. The ceremony took place in Arnemtia's which made it even more magickal! Barbara and Flavia have two beautiful cats, and one of them, Anubis, calmly walked in to the circle with me and sat beside me throughout the ceremony, leaning against my leg. Absolutely remarkable and such an honour!

Becoming a Priestess has been an incredible and life changing experience for me and every single day my heart is full of gratitude. Next year I shall be doing my second degree and the year after my third, meaning I shall be a High Priestess then. I am deeply passionate about my craft, it burns through my blood and Barbara said to me at the end of the ceremony, "It's time to wake up the world" and she's SO right. To my fellow Witches, Healers and Light Workers all over the globe, use what you have to show the world a better way of being. Heal our world, our beloved Mother Earth.

So how are you all coping with lockdown where you are? I hope this post has found you all safe and well and making plans for a peaceful and safe Yule with those you hold dear.

Stay safe dear friends, do the right thing.

My love always x

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