Checking In

So how's lockdown going for you?

I hope my post finds you all safe and well (only going out when you absolutely have to!) and coping with this new way of life that's been thrust upon us. Anyone feel like they're going crazy yet, or are you finding things to do and occupy your time with?

I've been busying myself with my family at home, catching up on chores and so on and we are also doing lots of catching up with our dear friends and family via video calls, we even meet our fabulous friends from our local in our twice weekly "Virtual Pub" video chat which my dear friend Chris set up for us all. We're taking turns to host quizzes through that which have proved to be great fun and we've even made new friends through it, so pretty good all round!

It seems the desire to learn has still driven people towards The Witches Hideaway and I had so many enquiries about online learning that in the end I purchased myself a Zoom account so I could teach development properly. I'm still doing lots of readings online too and I'm very grateful for the wonderful recommendations I've had which then led to even more readings plus more development work, and of course my eternal gratitude is with my dear ancestors, spirit guides and friends in the spirit world without whose love, support and humour, none of this would be possible.

I must take a moment to thank all of our wonderful frontline workers who are keeping our country going during this terrible time of sadness and fear. You are all incredibly brave souls and our country would grind to a halt without you all. For those who have lost loved ones during this time, my heart grieves for you and I can only hope time brings you some peace and an ease to your grief. I urge you all to abide by the government guidelines and do the right thing, don't take chances!

Stay at home, protect the NHS, save lives.

Until next time, stay safe and use this time we've been given to look after yourself, to learn, to focus on your journey ahead and how you will achieve what you want from life going forward.

My love to you all x

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