So long, farewell...(but we know where you live)

It's been a weird sort of week. I bid farewell to one of my oldest and dearest Maidstone friends, Kev, because he's moved house to start a new and happier life for himself beside the sea. No one deserves the peace and happiness more than him. What a wonderful human being, one who made such an impact on all who knew him. Kev taught me everything I need to know about charity shopping lol. Only this week before he left he brought me this amazing brand new charity shop find below which was £2.50! They are well over £20 new!

We have years of amazing memories from our paranormal investigating days, to all the get togethers we shared with our amazing spooky friends (where of course it was all about CAKE). So much laughter, so much fun, so many fantastic experiences together on our adventures with spirit, and it will take me a very, very long time to get used to the fact he's not just around the corner any more.

Obviously we will be making some road trips here and there to go and stay with him, so here's your advance warning Kev - we may need to hire a bus to visit because everyone wants to come LOL.

It's my usual Psychic Development Circle tonight so I'm looking forward to seeing some gorgeous and very excited faces, they're all doing SO well! Tomorrow morning will see me on a mad crafting session in The Witches Hideaway to get some orders out before Christmas, so it's all go as usual which is lovely.

It's been so magical seeing ice and frost everywhere in the mornings but it really reminds me how fortunate I am to have a lovely warm home and food in the cupboards, which is sadly more than most in today's society, and isn't that shocking. Almost 2020 and people are sleeping rough in ever increasing numbers. Heartbreaking. I understand most people are worried about handing money over, but I bet a hot cuppa and a bar of chocolate wouldn't go amiss. However you make a difference, no matter how small, thank you.

Till next time!

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