Solstice Ponderings...

Winter Solstice blessings to you all!

It's been another busy week for The Witches Hideaway and another week of me counting my blessings. My work with spirit means so, so much to me. It's the best feeling in the world to be able to help others, either through readings or through my Witchcraft. There seems to be a greater number of people wanting to embrace the Craft in to their lives, and I think it's because they are seeking something which can help them to not only make sense of the world, but to also empower them to bring about the positive changes they wish to make in their own lives.

While the darker nights have been upon us I have spent time reflecting on the past year and how my journey has progressed, and wow what a journey it's been! Through my work in The Witches Hideaway I have not just gained wonderful and regular clients, but the dearest of friends, so much so they are like my family. We've shared so many good times this year, nights of laughter, fun, magick, trips out to magickal places and of course cake lol.

My list of clients continues to grow and sees people from all over the country visiting me, so much so that it's looking very like my work in The Witches Hideaway will need to go full time so I can fit everyone in lol. My Spirit Guides continue to reduce me to hysterics with the funny ways they pass information on to me and some of the things they come out with, well!... but bless them all for never leaving my side and supporting me (well more egging me on and dragging me along at speed sometimes lol) but my goodness they make my heart sing!

The way I work is so vitally important to me. I work in truth with love and integrity at all times because well, why wouldn't I! I want to serve spirit in the best way possible and hopefully show other people how it should work because let's face it, unfortunately there's a few people out there who are doing us a great disservice, and it's got to stop.

I've had a couple of readings myself this year, and they ALL say the same thing. They say my work will explode next year and that I'll have a shop to teach from, sell magickal products from and do readings from. Well who knows, I've not ruled it out yet that's for sure lol.

However you are spending the Yuletide season, let joy fill your heart and an abundance of good wishes surround you.

Much love x

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