Taking time...

Hi everyone,

Well, what a predicament we are in right now, tragic and worrying times across the world. Firstly, I hope you are abiding by the guidelines given and staying home (where you can) to save lives (apart from necessary trips for supplies).

So what am I up to? Well, my work in The Witches Hideaway has obviously had to stop for the time being, but myself and the members of my Facebook group "The Witches Hideaway" are finding comfort in the isolation by having lots of catch up time in video calls, sharing inspirational posts and generally looking out for one another. It was my 51st Birthday on Sunday, so I had an online party on the Saturday night. Great fun had by all lol. Loads of 80's tunes, all raising a glass and sharing pictures of us with our families. It was such a success they all want another party now lol.

Meet my newest Pendle Witch, Elizabeth. She's one of the bigger ones and so beautiful! She was a Christmas gift from a group of my dear ladies from The Witches Hideaway. I'd spotted her last summer in The Wonky Broomstick, an amazing shop in Glastonbury. I fell in love with her instantly, and my dear Witchy twinny Becca who was with me obviously noticed and so decided to make sure she came home to live in The Witches Hideaway lol.

So, whatever you are doing at the moment, make sure you are looking after yourself! Use the time you find yourselves with to make plans for your future, to read, to look within and go on a journey of self-discovery. Embrace your magick in whatever form it takes. Step in to your power to help yourselves and the world too. Our beloved Mother Earth is having a well earned rest right now and doing her own healing, and I hope we as a nation learn from that.

Much love to you all x

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