Psychic Development

Are you interested in developing your psychic abilities? I teach in small groups and also on a 1-2-1 basis. These sessions are designed to be fun and informative, and will include things like teaching you how to link with your Spirit Guide among many other things and  you will also have the chance to learn how to do simple spells to help you in your every day life.


Maidstone Spiritual & Psychic Pathways

Myself and my dear friend Kirstie have opened our very own development centre in East Farleigh where we teach Psychic Development. Join our Facebook page for a list of all of our events as we also have monthly platform Medium demonstrations.  Click this link to join the page - Maidstone Spiritual & Psychic Pathways


Are you in need of a little abundance or love? Need a little magical protection around your home? Come and visit me in my Witches Hideaway and I can cast for you in these matters and many others.

Intuitive Readings

An intuitive reading is insight that doesn't come from logic or inference. Instead, it comes from sensory information, tapping into the energy of circumstance to access wisdom that transcends your conscious thought. These are usually an hour long. Skype readings are also available if you are unable to attend in person.

Paranormal Investigator

Do you feel your home or work place has a presence? I am a paranormal investigator with many years experience. Feel free to come and have a chat if you think I can help you with this.

Take home some magic

Witches Bottles and other magical items can be crafted for you to use around your home.

Refreshments are provided.

I am fully insured with Public Liability through Westminster Indemnity. 

Reiki Healing

I am now a qualified practitioner in Usui Teate Reiki. If you are interested in booking a healing session then please use the contact form to get in touch with me. 

It is a legal requirement that I include a disclaimer on this site.

In accordance with the law I must point ou

t that all readings/spells are for entertainment purposes only, and no guarantee can be given as to the accuracy of a reading. The user is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions and free will always takes precedent. I am not qualified to give legal, financial, medical or any other advice. If you require advice of any kind you should seek a suitable licensed and qualified professional.