I would like to send out a heartfelt thank you to all of the wonderful people I meet in The Witches Hideaway. Some have come for a reading, others for spells or psychic development and some just pop in for a cup of tea and some healing time out for themselves. Whatever reason they visit for, they are all always welcome and my aim is to have them leave feeling refreshed and uplifted. I will be adding more testimonials over time. 

I would like to say a couple of things about my Psychic Development sessions with Joanne Whichelow. It's has been an amazing experience. Full of emotions, full of laughter....and very spiritual. Joanne is a beautiful soul. The moment you meet Joanne, she makes you feel like you have met your best friend. The atmosphere in The Witches Hideaway.....is tranquil....relaxing and totally amazing....it makes you feel like you are entering a different world. Joanne is a fantastic teacher...she will bring out your psychic side. I am truly blessed to have met this remarkable lady.❤️


Had a fantastic reading from Jo.. very informative and helpful to me in a lot of ways. Made me feel very welcome and relaxed from the start. Would highly recommend and will definitely be seeing Jo again in the Witches Hideaway xx


I cannot express enough gratitude for the wonderful spell Jo did for my friend. The Witches Hideaway is a truly magical and welcoming place and Jo is so kind and couldn't have been more lovely. I would thoroughly recommend visiting Jo for any spells or spiritual needs. Thank you again.


When I needed help a friend suggested I go and see Joanne @ The Witches Hideaway. From the first step in to the Hideaway I felt warm welcoming energies wrapping around and comforting me. Jo is very knowledgeable in her craft and made me feel relaxed and comfortable as we talked about what I needed help with & soon we did the spell casting, I left there feeling so much better in myself.... Thank you so much for your help.



It was a privilege to meet you Joanne and thank you for welcoming me into your Witches Hideaway. I had a brilliant reading and feel very positive about what the future holds for me - I cannot thank you enough you are a very gifted and special lady xx


I would highly recommend this lady for her professionalism, how spot on she is, how welcoming she is and how honest she is.


It was such an awesome reading Jo. The extra fun part was in the following weeks; watching things come to fruition that I hadn't made sense of initially, and then having the light bulb moment 'JO SAID THAT IN MY READING!' 😲 spooky and really accurate. Thanks again Jo, especially for my potions and crystals 😍😘 xxx

Holly S.

I highly recommend Joanne at The Witches Hideaway. I've had a reading and I'm doing Psychic Development which I'm really enjoying and learning loads, and look forward to every week.


We met by chance through a mutual friend, but this lovely lady is just amazing. Her warmth, her love and her sincerity just radiates from Jo.  She is so kind, so gifted and generally an amazing lady... I'm blessed to have you in my life Jo, you're very special x

Sarah Jane.

My reading was brilliant. I can't stop going on about it! I was very nervous about getting readings to start with, which was silly really, Jo makes it all fun with no fears.

Philippa S.

Well I met you through lovely Sarah who allowed me to tag along with her and I’m so glad I did what a truly wonderful, warm person you are, so gifted and so loving in all you do , I agree with Sarah it’s a total pleasure having you in my life and so looking forward to lots more adventures xx thank you for allowing me to be part of this lovely group x

Paula S.

The reading you did for me was amazing Joanne, you gave me some lovely messages from my mum and others who were around us. Spot on with everything you have for me xx


I have been attending The Witches Hideaway for the last six months for one to one development. Jo is an amazing mentor and teacher. My sessions are always full of laughter and I come away having not only gained great skills for the future but feeling very blessed for having this wonderful lady in my life. The Hideaway has not only given me the opportunity to develop my skills, it has enriched my life with new friends who share the same interests in all (and other forms of) spirituality.


I cannot thank Jo enough for her kindness, caring, compassion and insight.


Morning Joanne,


I just thought I would let you know the spell has already worked! I had a warranty on my car and it needed £1300 of work which the company refused to pay. After appealing yesterday they have agreed to pay the whole lot. I also won a lucky dip yesterday so hopefully things are on the turn and even my mum who can barely stand and has mostly slept or sat for over a year has become very positive and has told me she is planning to do things today!


Thank you so much xx


I have been following The Witches Hideaway for some time now and as a Witch myself, I feel very blessed to have such wonderful people around about me. Joanne is very helpful when it comes to your own craft work too. We were going through a difficult time, and I felt for my spell to work, I needed that extra boost from another Witch. I turned to Joanne. She helped me realise that I only had to believe in myself and the spell would work. I did and it worked, a little bit too well in fact, but I'm not complaining because whilst going through this difficult time, we were trying to attain peace and harmony. We did. I thank Joanne from the bottom of my heart for helping us through that moment.


Love, light and peace.

Frozen-Willow xx

I haven’t felt this much excitement or positivity in such a long time it really feels absolutely right, I know beyond any doubt in my gut that it’s right and I just needed someone to believe in me and help me bring it forward xxx thank you from the bottom of my heart xxx all is good with the world! I feel like going out in nature today and going barefoot on the grass which I have only done once before. I feel like I want to be near the elements and I’m going to set up my altar and put my crystals on display xxxxxx ❤️❤️❤️❤️


Thank you so much for the wonderful reading today. You picked up on so much of what's going on with me at the moment it was uncanny. Your advice and from Spirit was also what I needed to hear really, about taking action.


Finally thank you for sharing your gifts with the world. You're an amazing example of the impact one person can have when they whole heartedly step up to be their whole and true self.


“Not sure we can do justice wordwise to the reading we had with Joanne ... it was mind blowing to say the least.  We did not know Joanne and  never had a Reading with her so we went along expecting a good, but usual form of reading, what we had was anything but .... The reading started with 3 cards but it soon become clear that Spirit preferred to use Joanne as a channel for their messages to us and oh boy were the messages poignant and accurate.


For a number of years we have wondered what our soul purpose was, suffice to say Spirit channelled the answers through Joanne to us.  It was emotional for Joanne as the Channeler and ourselves as recipients.  Her messages were spot on, topics we had been discussing between ourselves prior to our reading were given to Joanne, events Joanne would have no knowledge of were identified.


Joanne has a very gifted special Spiritual connection and we are so blessed to have received our readings.  We can only say WOWEE and thank you xx"

Anne & Sue.

MAGICAL!!! Jo brought though my Sister, Brother, Mum and Dad it was an excellent reading and I came away very happy. My Gran and Aunt even stopped by to say hello. It was the best money I've ever spent. Thankyou Jo (my witchy Sis)